Social Welfare Society, Inc.

Child Study

I. Identification

Child’s Name: Sung Kyun Baik

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: October 27, 1985 (14:38)

Case Number: 85-1687/SSK

Racial Background: Korean

Place of Birth: Lee Woo Sang Clinic (#461-17 Keisan-dong, Puk-gu, Incheon-shi)

Present Location: Foster Home in Seoul

Meaning of Name: Sung-Completed, Kyun-Balanced, BAIK-surname

Name given by: SWS Social Worker

II. History of Admission

Dates: 10/29/85

SWS made a child intake at the request of Kwangmyung Children’s Guidance Clinic and placed him in a foster home.

III. Background Information


Name: Seung Hwa BAIK

Age: 21

Place of Birth: Unknown

Education: High School graduate

Occupation: None

Religion: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Marital Status: Unmarried



Reason for Adoption Placement:

The birthmother mentioned neither her background nor the child’s birthfather. She only said that she was an unwed girl and drifted apart from the bithfather already. She was unable to raise this child at all as an unwed girl both financiall and sociall. So, she gave the statement of relinquishing this child for overseas adoption to Kwangmyung Children’s Guidance Clinic.

** The birthmother, rather short, oval-faced, small eyes, high nose, swarthy complexion, taciturn, introversive, and cool.

** Beyond the above, no further information on the child’s background is obtainable at all.

This is information is transposed verbatim from my child study document obtained from the Social Welfare Society. It is the only thing I have that shed any shred of light onto who I am or where I came from. The last line however is the most puzzling. Maybe someday I will be able to unearth that which is “unobtainable”.

Because I am not just a compilation of old rice paper documents I’ll mention who I am currently.

I am friend (probably not a very good one)

I am a football(soccer) fan

I am scared

I am nervous

I am kind (I think)

I am loving

I am a man who dreams

I am 5’8″ on a good day

I am angry (sometimes depending on how the wind blow)

I am affable

I am a lot more than I care to list.