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Here is an article released today on the New York Times.

Link here

I will comment on  this later, as I am still gathering my thoughts and analysis on this piece. However my initial thoughts to this article are two things.

1) 2012. You’re having a laugh.

2) Common words used throughout: Embarrassment, shame, stigma, and disgrace. These words used to describe adoption are great indicators as to how we, the adoptees feel. It is no wonder that such ideals are passed on to us. I guess it starts at the top.


Well I am finally getting out of this town. Pissing off to a bigger better city. I have been accepted to Northeastern Illinois University and I couldn’t be more happy.

Was it my first choice, no not really. But I love Chiccago and any chance I get get to go out and be on my own and have a go at a new lifestyle I’l take.

So big ups to me I’m out of here.