I have been writing and delting, writing and deleting. Over and over and I can’t seem to publish anything that reflects what’s going on over here in lil KAD Prince world. It is pretty frustrating and given the amount of other “stuff” goin on in my world, you would think I would be churning out like 10 posts a day. But alas I am just not satisfied with what I’m writing and really can’t be bothered.

So I say unto you readers/followers of The Little KAD prince……….Sup?

Whether you are a lurking reader, long time commenter, passerby ummmm…er, or whoever. Leave me a bit about what’s up in your world. What are you doing? How are you feeling? What new and exciting things are happening or coming into your life?

Part of this blog is about developing new relationships. Already I have made some pretty stellar friends through this blog and like cake, there is always room for more. Mmmmmmm cake, delicious cake. Too bad baking is for suckers and I am no sucker. No offense to any baking readers out there, but I am more in the mold of a chef and chefs don’t bake.

So holla at cha boy and leave me some tasty tid bits.

’til tomorrow hopefully