A dark gray sky hangs low against the horizon

stretching out into an infinite expanse.

Clouds are not wisps but a dark impenetrable algae covering an expansive blue body

where a skimmer or maybe more chemicals will clear this barrier. NO

In my heart I know what is on the other side

so I reach my arms out, stretching

hoping to remove the muck and the gray.

It seems so close, the clear expanse on the other side

a domain with brilliant color and vibe

a land with a breeze

breath I can almost taste.

But dower has no taste and the air I feel is listless and numb

I jump and claw, scratch and scream hoping to remove this curtain

that hangs low enough to give the impression of attainability

but a lie and nothing more.

Ladders and planes and catapults all useless

I can not go there.

Lie down now

not out of exhaustion

I am broken

That dream is dead and gone

But you don’t care.