I had 15 or so drafts that I have saved from about the time I started this blog. Random musings and thoughts that at the time I thought were well developed and intricate thought. After flipping through these posts, I still maintain that they are proper thoughts, but I just can’t keep them. So I deleted most of them and now I feel better about not clinging on to such whispers of thought. I am sure I will come back to most of these, for at their core they are important ideas. But for now they are out of my life and out of my blog.

Well I am off for the weekend, I will be going to see one of my new favorite bands tonight, Vetiver. Have a listen here. Then me and some friends are heading down to Keuka lake to spend the remainder of the weekend at my family’s cottage. I haven’t been there in a few years, so I am curious to see what the house looks like, as I know my dad is always doing something down there.

All in all it should be a fun weekend, except for when I venture in to the town. The stares I get from all the corn fed country folk usually are quite off putting. But hey some people live under rocks I guess.

So I will see you all when I get back. If anyone needs to reach me feel free to e-mail, Verizon finally put a tower down there so the Blackberry can send and receive e-mails.

Have a fun weekend everyone. Adios.