I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

  • I hate the people I have hurt
  • I hate myself for always bending
  • I hate Rochester
  • I hate being adopted
  • I hate being so miserable that I leave the house only to eat shitty fast food
  • I hate the decisions I have made
  • I hate my lack of resolve
  • I hate my lack of self of control
  • I hate my friends
  • I hate my family (adopted and biological)
  • I hate being so depressed
  • I hate not finding any answers
  • I hate asking questions
  • I hate this cold weather
  • I hate it when Arsenal looses (or draws when they clearly outclass their opponent)
  • I hate that Johann Santana was traded
  • I hate being around so many white people
  • I hate my birthmother
  • I hate people telling my to be happy that I was adopted
  • I hate being so alone
  • I hate sleeping alone
  • I hate everything
  • I hate that I am so angry and hate so much
  • I hate this identity crisis I seem to be having ( should I be more white, more yellow, more hood, more suave, more chipper, more anything)

This list could go on forever but whats the point. I would hate dislike very much to perpetuate this theme any longer. I guess I just felt like being a whiny cunt tonight. But it’s my blog and I have the right to be.