Well White Day is almost upon us and for this little blogger it will actually be White Day’s emo cousin Black Day that will be celebrated in cold upstate New York. As we all know White Day is the holiday celebrated in Korea one month after Valentines day (where in an aberration to how we do it here in the states, women actually give men the chocolate). In a show of gratitude, on White Day the men present the women a more refined (and usually more expensive) token of their appreciation and affection. Finally Black day is also celebrated on the 14th of March in a show of single-hood. A celebration of being single and all the joys that encompass a life less shared with some your love. (sigh)

Since I am in such a position where I neither received chocolates on Valentines Day, nor do I have a special someone in my life, I shall be taking full advantage of Black Day. That is of course unless any of you readers out there would like to set me up with someone. Or hey maybe you yourself want to have a lavish date with yours truly. (Just throwing it out there ladies)

So if you have any suggestions or any phone numbers you want to send my way, I am more than happy to oblige any requests. If not then hey, I’ll be enjoying my Jajangmyeon.

Happy Black Day!!!