I leaned in and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Excuse me dealer I would like to trade in my cards.”

“Why is that sir?”

“Well to be quite honest I don’t think that with my current hand I have a very good shot at winning the pot.”

“Well you see sir that is not part of the game. I can not just give you all new cards.”

“I See”

“But sir, what I can do for you is trade you three of your cards for three of mine”

“Really? Well why just some, why not all of them?”

“You see sir, thats just not how the game works. I can trade you some, but not all.”

“Well then, rules are rules I suppose.”

“Correct sir, I didn’t write them, I am only obliged to follow them.”

“Well thank you very much. I am still learning the game you know, but I appreciate the pointers.”

“Your very welcome sir. Now if you please place you bet. Are you in or are you out.”

“I call…….. All in.”

“Very well sir, good luck”

“Thank you I’m sure I’ll need it.”

—All to do now is sit back and wait to see the flop