Their lies in each and every one of us an authenticity. A pure version of us. This is the shade of our soul that can’t be taught, but can only be remembered. As we grow older our ability to peer inside ourselves and remember who this person is becomes more difficult. The scars of past encounters stagger the path that brings us back to this authenticity. Visions of blunders we made and burdens from our travels make this remembrance that much more difficult.

We are one with all that surrounds us when we discover this authentic version. There is a harmonic understanding with the rest of the universe and we know see clearly. The desire to push the ones who wish us prosperity away vanishes and our thirst for truth is quenched.

It is terrible what they have done to you. A wretched burden  has been put upon your shoulders and the scars left from the impossible weight are visible for all to gaze upon. You are not ashamed, just cautious. And no blame can be put upon you for being so. But lay down your walls. If this is real and you are the spark I saw glimmering in the night, then I be not afraid.

It is not easy to remember that time that most of us will never recall. But like most things in life that bring our soul tremendous pleasure it is not easy. Be quiet now and close your eyes to the myopia. When you awake you will be real again. A transcendence to the authenticity long forgotten.