To kill something off, first you must give it life. You say otherwise, but your are killing this off before it even has a chance. Love is acceptance and love is a choice. I have said before that faith is knowing that given a choice to make, you know that every time you will make the same decision over and over again even when the outcome is known. My heart has made its choice and I have put all of my faith into this.

Have I no say in which path I choose to take. Will you strike me down with little or no regard to what I want. You have given me life. You have given breath into this shell of a man. Yet as I open my eyes with excitement and wonder and gaze upon all that lies before us, you lay me to bed. Please don’t utter those sentiments and think that the book is closed. Many more chapters are to be written. Just pick up the pen, put it to paper, and let this tale continue.

Very little in this world can be a forgone conclusion. Our uncertainty is what makes this life of ours so exciting. So close your eyes and let the feeling rush over you. Put to bed your fears and your worries, for they are to be done and dusted by the time we embrace.

I implore you to bestow unto me your faith. I know all the facts and I have considered the outcome and yet I still forge forward will an open heart and an open mind as to what we may be. Let this new found love be the strength and resolve you need to wade your way through this dark cold time. And find solace in the warmth that is our love.