Faith is not something thrust upon us, it is a choice. Faith is knowing that given the choice we will make the same decision over and over. That knowing the outcome good or bad we will keep the faith and remain steadfast in our choice.

Love is ultimately a choice and true love takes faith. Some may think that love is not a choice, that we are powerless to it’s call. But is love not the choice that our heart makes. With the all of the complications that accompany life we sometimes forget that our heart has made a choice and hence we dismiss life as a random act of chance. As human beings we loose the ability to discern between what it is that our heart wants and what we think we need in order to survive. But in my experience there is no greater feeling than knowing that given a million chances I would choose that which my heart has set aim.

There have come a great number of times that hardship has befallen me. And in these times of strife and angst I like most people cover my ears and extinguish the cries coming from my heart. Because as we grow older we come to the conclusion that the message that our heart has for us will only lead to more struggle and pain. But this is not true.

Love is the greatest feeling man has ever known. I have had it in the palm of my hand and I have had it taken away. I have cast it aside only to feel regret and sorrow. It can lift us up, and it can destroy us. And in that lies the beauty of love. That is faith. Knowing the consequences of our choice to embrace love and to take a chance on that which is alien to us we make the choice every time. When we listen to our heart and ignore the scars that have been left to us we open ourselves up to a love that will not break us down but will lift us up to new heights.

I know the difficulties that are inherently ahead of me. I know that that the choice I have made will not be easy. Yet I go forth with faith, knowing that given the choice to do it all over again I would make the same decision that I have made now.