I have quit a great deal of things in my life. Each time I open the door and tuck the remains away in the closet. The funny thing about keeping skeletons around is that sometimes they make the habit of leaving the confines of the closet. You are a particularly sneaky one aren’t you. I try and convey to you that it is not very pragmatic for you to keep coming out and showing your face. As I have said many times your place is there, amongst all of the other things I have left behind. Maybe one day I can bring you out, dust you off and let you go on your way. But for now I need you to stay put.

You call, you cry, you scream. I know how you feel, but I don’t think you know how I feel. How many times will I have to repeat myself. The same sentiments over and over, and for now nothing has changed. Tricky you are though. You know just what to say and when and how to say it. But don’t underestimate me. I am a bit more cunning than you might expect and I see the traps you have set out. I give you credit though. You really are having a go at it aren’t you?

For once you are trying. For once you know what you want. But unfortunately the lights have gone out for you. For I am so exhausted by this familiar dance, you didn’t seem to notice when I ducked out and left you swaying with the memory. Even then you gave little signs of enterprise; least not compared to what your exerting now.

Now I am off to the Emerald City.  Tag along if you must but stay quiet. I’ll take you out as I see fit.

–Adios Park St.