Hello All,

Well this is it yeah.  I finally decided to jump on board and give the rest of the world a bit of insight into what makes me, well, me.  I am not exactly sure what my intentions for this blog are. At this particular point I suppose I don’t really have an aim for what I want this blog to convey. But I suppose thats alright. Isn’t it? I am sure the soul of this blog will reflect the soul of its writer and at the end of the day you all will decide what this is about and who I am.

I believe I am doing this for purely therapeutic reasons. It is my hope that this blog will allow my to express a lot of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions I have as not only a KAD( Korean Adoptee) but as a young man trying to find his way in this world. There is a lot tucked away in this head of mine and I think its time to let it breath.

Most of the topics I am sure to be posting will deal with adoptive issues, but not all. I may review a result from an Arsenal match, I may talk about interesting books and music. Most surely I will talk about love. Love for friends, love for family, love for lovers.

Well that is all for now I hope that whoever reads this enjoys it. Actually I take that back I rather don’t care much if you like this or not. This is for me and if it offends or if you find that something is in bad taste well then piss off.

Thank you. Surely there is more to come.