A soldier of fortune of sorts, mercenary for a lack of better terms. This is the word in which i choose to describe being a KAD.

Raised in a society where money is the root of all happiness. Where our identity is founded in the material part of things. I find that If go where the dollar takes me, I might stand a chance of blending in a little more if I do that. I acclimate myself to the highest bidder. Trade the old and familiar for the shiny and new. Fresh kicks and crisp jeans, that should help. Dinner at chic resto lounges and drinks with girls straight out of the O.C. thats another step closer. This is all in a(n) feeble attempt to belong.

That feeling of belonging that has escaped me since the tender age of four months. Am I Korean? Not exactly. American? Kind of. I suppose if I wanted I could be Bratislavaian.

The aesthetic wouldn’t allow such things. However is it not the heart that decides who we are ultimately? I’m not sure. I would like to think that as human beings we all have the innate ability to look deep into one another’s soul and find the true form of one another. But it is apparently clear to me that we become ever so caught up in “life” and we just carry on with it. Never really stopping to peer inside the depths of our fellow man.

So for now I will just get on with it and remain a mercenary. Left to the highest bidder.